Heya, Floeer here

Tea fueled illustrator walking a dreamscape along with two citrus fur-balls by my sidedigital illustration • animation • motion graphics • graphic design


Nowadays I work primarily in digital, switching between Photoshop and Procreate. More work samples can be found on my social medias.

Zine Experience

Page Artist Contributor Experience
- Blood Oath: A P5 Soulmates Zine
- cross|roads: ATLA zine
- A Letter for You: A Violet Evergarden zine
- Bringers of Hope: Puella Magi Madoka Magica zine
- Celestial: A P5 Astrology/Astronomy Zine
- Wishing for a Good Ending: Reincarnated Heroine zine
- Fire Nation Recovery Zine
- Justice (Reversed) Mini Bang
- Persona Big Bang
- Rank Up!: A Persona Friendship Zine
- With the Stars and Us
- Queen of Liars: Celestia Zine
Mod Experience
- Celestial: A P5 Astrology/Astronomy Zine (Layout Mod)
- Sumire Wish Zine (Layout Mod)
- Lil'Wonders Kids Danganronpa Zine (Layout Mod)
- Public Relations File: A World Trigger Zine (Layout Mod)